Cafe Zupas: Treat Yourself Right

March 18, 2012
By Anonymous

Ten delicious homemade soups, more than twelve different salads, and a choice of twelve savory sandwiches made just for you. What more could you ask for in one meal?! Zupas has been around since 2004, and has since opened eleven restaurants in Utah, and one in Arizona. It has won thirteen Best-of-State awards over six consecutive years and it’s no wonder why ( Zupas offers countless choices of gourmet soups, salads, and sandwiches, in addition to sinfully delicious desserts all for a reasonable price, and amazingly good food for how good it is for you.
All of Zupas soups are homemade and ready to order. With ten choices made from recipes "derived from kitchens around the world" everyone is sure to find something that makes his mouth water. Each soup is also carefully cooked and kept at a temperature that keeps it just hot enough to taste like it just finished cooking, but not quite hot enough to burn your tongue because it's just too delicious to wait.

Aside from the home-made soups Zupas also has a delicious variety of salads. There are twelve recipes for salads to choose from in addition to the option to create your own with your choice of lettuce dressing and six toppings. There is a huge variety of toppings to add to your salad. From chicken and eggs, fruits and vegetables, to croutons and cinnamon-sugar almonds, Zupas has it all! Each salad-even the ones they already know what to put in-is made right in front of you and it is easy to see that Zupas only uses the freshest ingredients in their salads.

Zupas sandwiches are also exquisite. They have both Panini’s and gourmet sandwiches. The Panini’s are always grilled perfectly (cheese melted and meat warm) and never burned. There are also plenty of choices of sandwiches so you can find something for everyone.

With each meal customers also receive a chunk of chewy French bread and a chocolate covered strawberry (during the holiday season they also had the choice of a chocolate and mint covered Oreo). Besides that they also have a mouth-watering assortment of desserts such as the Belgian chocolate fondue, crew Brule cheesecake, and the million dollar bar as just a few examples, each for only a few dollars more.
Café Zupas also offers more drinks than any other fast food restaurant. There are sixteen different sodas, crystal light and other juices, and Italian soda flavorings, so everyone can make their perfect mixture.

Not only does Zupas have a large variety of delicious soup, salad, sandwiches, and drinks, but they are also very reasonably priced. Sandwiches are $4.99, a whole bowl of soup is $5.99, and a whole bowl of salad is $6.99. Although the soup and salad seems higher priced they also serve half bowls of each which by itself is plenty for a single meal. For only $7.99 they also have the "Try Two" option, which is the choice of choosing two from the following: whole sandwich, half soup, half salad. Any combination you choose will give you more than enough food for your money.
Zupas is also surprisingly low in calories for the quality of taste you get. Most items are only a couple hundred calories with only a few items reaching 500 or more. Since it is soup, salad, salad, and sandwiches it is generally pretty healthy. As a result, this is generally a restaurant where you will find the majority of customers are women. Most guys would rather have a huge steak, or hamburger, or at least they won’t admit that they prefer the ‘girl’ food served at Zupas. While they do have a kids menu, many kids may prefer chicken nuggets and fries from McDonalds. In general, it seems as if Zupas food is more appealing to women and is perfect for your girls’ night out.
The way that Zupas restaurants are set up make it quick and easy to get your food, even if there is a long line, without compromising quality. Everything is made fresh right in front of you, but it is set up in a sort of assembly line that moves the line quickly. However, because there are so many delicious choices to choose from, many people have a hard time making their minds up, and this is what causes delays, rather than the restaurant or employees. Most Zupas aren’t that spacey and it may be difficult to find a seat in the restaurant, especially since it is mostly women, and they tend to hang around and socialize. However, they do have a few tables outside, and the option of take-out.
It’s hard to believe that one restaurant can have so many delicious choices that are also relatively healthy for you-at least compared to other fast food, restaurants-but Zupas masterfully pulls it off. And with so many delicious options everyone is sure to find something they love. Guys may prefer a nice big stake and kids would rather eat McDonalds, but Zupas is perfect for a girls’ lunch or girls’ night out. However, the food is so exceptional, and you get so much for your money, it’s hard to leave before feeling completely stuffed. But the food is healthier so you won’t feel as sick or guilty after finishing a meal at Zupas. Be warned that you may also have to wait a while for a table, or for your food, but the food is definitely worth it. Go ahead, treat yourself right: enjoy the wonderful food at Café Zupas.

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