Playstation Vita

March 6, 2012
I have recently purchased a Sony Playstation Vita and I couldn’t be happier. The system on its head is beautiful and responsive on both front facing touch screen as well as rear facing touch pad. The games are limited, however, the ones that are out are as fun and exciting as any console game. I have found few problems with this system so far, after owning it since its release on February 15, 2012 I have to say that it is doing well.


Five-inch OLED screen: the videos you may have seen do this system no justice. The display is amazing AAA quality visuals and super responsive. Its touch screen holds up to ten apps per panel. The touch feature is also used in most games.

Dual analog sticks and six-axis motion controls: the dual analog sticks are very useful in the Vita’s games as well as some of Playstation Portable games. An example of how well the six-axis works is Uncharted: Golden Abyss. The analog unfortunately controls the camera only to a certain extent, but the six-axis takes over. You move the camera in the general area you want to look/aim and us the motion controls to fine-tune your aim. If you download a PSP title from the store you are able to hold down the front touch screen for around four seconds and assign a set of buttons to the right analog stick (e.g., directional buttons, triangle and square and circle and “cross” or “X” buttons, or even assign the left analog stick to work for the right.

Touch screen and Rear touch pad: both are essential due to the lack of four shoulder buttons. Tapping the screen in certain areas allows you to reload, climb obstacles travel, throw grenades, etc. The rear pad also helps traveling in certain ways but has no purpose outside of gaming (e.g., menus, home screen)

The Rear and Front cameras: if you have a phone then I suggest you use that instead of the cameras. The Vita’s cameras are grainy and have little purpose outside of gaming. That being said, their use in gaming is far more practical than using them for everyday use. An example again using Uncharted: Golden Abyss, to decode a message in the game you must hold up the camera to a light source. The brighter the light source the easier it is to decode the message.

Cross-platform play: currently there is no use for this feature other than some PS3 minis, titles you may have seen being used in cross-platform play such as: Killzone 3 and Battlefield 3 were modified for display purposes. However, there are games coming in the future that will share this connectivity.

Near: this is an included app that I find amazing. Similar to the Nintendo 3DS it uses a kind of spot pass, but instead of bumping into people at random you go and find items “dropped” by others. So if someone “drops” an artifact, or tires for a race game, or ammo, or anything, the system will inform you and you can download the item whenever you wish.
The PS Vita system is amazing and for the people who say it’s just a PSP with two analog sticks then you are wrong. It is more like a PS3 you can fit in your pocket.
Overall I give the Vita a 9.5/10

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