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December 9, 2011
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You are in Thailand, surrounded by majestic green-covered mountains in a luscious forest. All around you can hear wildlife, their symphony of sounds. It is a wonderful feeling and you hope you never have to depart. Unfortunately, you never left your seat. Your taste buds may be in Thailand, but your body is stuck in Indianapolis.

This is the feeling you experience every time you eat at Thai Taste, a small Thai restaurant that has worked its way into my heart as my favorite place to eat. Thai Taste is a family owned Thai restaurant on East 82nd street, right after the Castleton square mall. The owner came to America from and has run the business for ten years. Its tremendous food and its location make it a busy place in the community and it is gaining popularity. Also, the people that work at Thai Taste are extraordinarily kind. They usually have two people waiting tables. Inside the restaurant there are 13 tables and 50 seats, a perfect size for a small restaurant, and there are usually four seats at a table. The atmosphere provides a cozy environment and it enhances your eating experience.

My favorite item on the lunch menu is the Thai fried rice. The first time I ordered it I expected to go home still hungry, with a small amount of fried rice served and eaten. Instead, the waiter brought out a giant helping of rice, as big as the plate and stacked high enough to create an avalanche. I was shocked and I always leave with a full stomach. For lunch, normal meals are $7.25 and you get a choice of noodle soup, sweet and sour soup, or a salad, and rum cake included, but some menu items are about $8.50-this includes salmon and chicken in bigger portions. Other good menu items, and the most popular items, include the Pad Thai, red or green curry, Guay Teow Kaek, and my favorite, Thai Fried Rice.

Overall, Thai Taste is a wonderful eating experience. Its amazing food and friendly atmosphere make it a place to visit for an outstanding meal and a highlight of your day. Even though I am stuck in Indiana, I can always go to Thai Taste to escape.

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JoJoFuze said...
Dec. 29, 2011 at 4:38 am
Terrific review! My mouth is watering and craving the need for a trip to Thai Taste :)
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