She beauty, hes handsome.

December 8, 2011
By Anonymous

He’s handsome, for doing what he did. He took in the little girl that he thinks is so beautiful. He didn’t disrespect her mom for what she did. He feels better for her. He was happy that he got her; I think it so cute, how he adopted her. He was always an only child, but now he has a little sister. He uses to always talk to his stuff animals now he has a real sibling to talk to. I think all these kids that are left out. Should be able to receive a loving family to take them in. She was lucky. Its so cute, how he loves her so much already, he wouldn’t trade her for anything; She don’t remember anything much except for little things. But now she can be happy with a good family. He was 9 when he wanted a sibling; She was left at a train station no identity or anything. His parents wanted a kid too. His mom was unable to get pregnant. So it was like, luck. He protects her. As she thinks her parents died, like in Disney movies. I like this passage. It’s cute and means a lot to him, It was very nice . I'm happy for there family .

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