They Killed 'Em All..!

November 3, 2011
By thesunnyshadow SILVER, Pune, Other
thesunnyshadow SILVER, Pune, Other
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WOW! I still can't believe what I just saw.METALLICA!This band has had the best, and I mean MIND BLOWING members ever since the formation. Dave Mustaine was a part of this band,who later on went on to found the super band MEGADETH,who recently released an album. METALLICA had recently come to Bangalore,India. And i was there. For the entire gig. These people are way beyond professionalism, I thought to myself. Biffy Clyro was the opening band. But the crowd obviously wanted METALLICA. And the cheering, which sounded like it was produced by way beyond 25,000 people welcomed the band. Songs like Cyanide, Master Of Puppets,Enter Sandman, Seek And Destroy, For Whom The Bell Tolls roared across Palace Grounds that evening. Head Banging all around and people actually sang word-to-word with the band.Figures.Die hard fans of METALLICA were present there that evening,with even more anticipation, as the gig in Delhi had been cancelled due to safety regulations.People were STILL lining up for tickets. Obviously people were dying to see the band which came to Bangalore after a break of 19 years. The music hitting you is the best thing. It was an incredible concert, though i had to stand for 7 hours, though i couldn't get to the front. The Music they played,which they have been playing since 1981 is addictive.Literally. This concert was a huge hit because of its members-Kirk Hammett. Oh My God. The way he just puts himself into the song ,you can;t help but like him. Lars Ulrich on the drums- MIND BLOWING. James Hettfield did a great job,Rob Trujillo too. It was the nbest ecperience any teenager who is a fan would whave. Kudos!

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Incredible experience!

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