A Driving Lesson

October 26, 2011
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The father of a thirteen-year-old boy taught him to drive. His father called to him, and the son came to him; and the father gave him the keys to the car. The boy was in shock at first and was scared, almost backing into the garage door. Every time his father would start to say, “Josh,” he would immediately put his foot on the break and press down. Well, Josh was pulling into the garage with his foot already on the break, starting to slow down and, father said Josh,” and the boy’s natural reaction was to switch pedals. While doing so, he pushed down the gas pedal, ramming into the wall.

In the October issue of Teen Ink, Josh Egbert writes a funny story called “A Driving Lesson.” Since I already have my license. I’m not scared or nervous to drive anymore. But when I was first learning to drive, I was very scared. Unlike Josh, I wasn’t allowed to drive until I had my permit, which in those two years I matured more. When my dad first handed me the keys, I flipped out. It was my first time driving, and I had to drive his enormous, expensive Chevy Silverado, which made me even more terrified. Unlike Josh though, I didn’t hit the garage wall or anything like that.

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