Quietly Waiting

October 26, 2011
By et_2013 SILVER, Holgate, Ohio
et_2013 SILVER, Holgate, Ohio
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Taylor volunteered every day to work in a library. Nothing much too exciting ever happened in the library, but one day a man came in and warned the girls working to be careful when they left that night because there was a prowler outside. Taylor was then paranoid and scared. When leaving, Taylor held her keys firmly in her hands, sprinted to her car, and zoomed out of the parking lot in a flash. The next day the man came back to the library and told the girls that the “prowler” was just a town worker.
In the October issue of Teen Ink, Taylor Bardsley writes an intriguing article called “Quietly Waiting.” I love how Taylor described a simple place like the library using such creative and clever similes and metaphors. She successfully creates imagery by using descriptive words to give the reader a detailed picture in their mind of her day at the library. One of my favorite selections from her story is when she describes the back of the library. “The back shelves are the guts of the library, a winding intestine that snakes upstairs and around corners.” Another reason why I love her article so much is because I could easily relate to it. If someone came in and said to me to be careful leaving because there’s a prowler, I would be freaking out on the inside and just as paranoid as Taylor was. Whenever I walk to my car by myself, I always clench my keys between my fingers to be ready to defend myself. Also, I walk and pull out of the parking lot a bit faster than usual because I get so nervous and paranoid when alone in public.

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