Lessons in Toliet Paper

October 25, 2011
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In “Lessons in Toilet Paper” by Jackson Lloyd, a teenage boy goes toilet papering with his friend for the first time. His friend’s uncle gives the boys some good tips that will help them with their first time toilet papering. The boys decided to TP a couple with a young son in their neighborhood because they’d feel too bad toilet papering any of the other houses. The boys drenched the house with toilet paper, ketchup, and smashed pumpkins on the driveway. The next day the couple did not show up to church because they spent the whole morning cleaning up the mess and got sick from cleaning it up due to the rain. The boys never came clean and apologized for what they had done. They did learn a lesson that day,though: only TP houses you don’t know.

In “Lessons in Toilet Paper” by Jackson Lloyd, I can relate to what the teenage boy went through. The adrenaline starting up, your heart pumping, the excitement, and the sense of accomplishment are all feelings I had when I did my first toilet papering. I also toilet papered someone I knew because I knew that if he knew it was me he’d get me back. I thought no harm to it, but the next day you hear all about the mess you made that night. Everyone wants to know who toilet papered that person. Like the boy I was never caught either, but the feeling of regret and guilt came upon me. The next day you hear how upset the family was or how they couldn’t understand why them. I agree with the closing statement in “Lessons in Toilet Paper.” Toilet paper a person’s house you don’t know.

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