Driving With Leslie

November 3, 2011
By TheSage SILVER, Monticello, Illinois
TheSage SILVER, Monticello, Illinois
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The story “Driving with Leslie” by Frances Calingo in the October issue of Teen ink is amazing. It is about Frances and his driving test. It is not only a great story, but it also teaches you that even though you might not like someone they can still have an impact on you. Another thing that makes this article very good is that it’s nonfiction so this is a true story about someone’s life.

In the story Frances learns how to drive with a man named Leslie. It says in the story that “Leslie threw Frances into a car, shoved a few instructions down his throat, and pushed Frances out onto one of the busiest streets in the area.” This made me feel bad for the author but it did build suspense in the story. Another little event that happened was when Frances said “Whether I liked him or not, Leslie had an impact on me.” This shows that the author has a good personality towards others and is a good person.

This story was not only a good story but some of it also made me chuckle a little. In one part it says that “Leslie might not have helped me resolve all my fears but he helped me learn to function in spite of them.” This makes me like the author because he didn’t like Leslie but he knows he helped him with driving even though his test was very weird. This story is a must read and I thank Frances Calingo for writing it.

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