November 3, 2011
By Keldan98 SILVER, Cisco, Illinois
Keldan98 SILVER, Cisco, Illinois
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I thought that “Dumpster-Divers” was a very well written and nicely put together non-fiction story by Sugee Liyange in the October issue of teen ink. It was about how you can dumpster-dive and not have to spend a lot of money and be healthy. Also save the environment
I had mixed emotions about this story because it does good things in it but they’re kind of nasty. It’s smart but…… in-humane I guess. In some spots though, there were good points like, in the U.S. 100 billion pounds of the country’s 350 pounds of edible food gets thrown away each year. I thought that this was very bad for the U.S. because there is plenty of other things we can do with all of that food like give it to someone who needs it or just save it as left overs and eat it the next night. I think that this story has opened my eyes to the Freegan, (mixture of free and vegan even though not all of them are vegans), world and what they do to help save our planet. So thanks Sugee for writing this story.

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