Luna Bar vs. Fullbar

November 2, 2011
By Anonymous

Lately, there have been new bars, shakes, and snacks to help you lose the desired weight in a way that won’t make you feel like you’re going to die of starvation. Two bars that have sometimes been compared to one another are the Fullbars and the Luna bars. Both have been proven to help people with their body shapes, but some people claim one thing to be better than the other. Which one is proven to be better?

Let’s take a look at the Fullbar first. There have been many pros and cons, roses and thorns, to this product. One consumer posted a video on the Fullbar website saying:
I’ve been on so many other plans where I’ve been so focused on what I eat during the day and counting up my points or my calories, writing it all down. And that, it just makes you feel like you’re not a normal person anymore. It gets you focused on that diet mentality, and it almost makes it worse because you are thinking about throughout the day what you can eat and what you can’t eat. But with Fullbar, I don’t have to worry about that. I can just be normal again. I don’t think about it. I just sit down and have a normal dinner with my family, and I eat until I’m full.
The next consumer didn’t think the same as the previous one. On Diet Blog Talk, they wrote:
Paid $2.19 at CVS and tried to eat before lunch today. Could only stomach two bites! It tasted like soggy rice puff cereal with greasy syrup holding it together. I have tried them all, South Beach bars, Slim Fast bars. You name it and I never tasted anything so disgusting. I’d rather stay fat forever than eat that again. Yuck!!
This costumer is really saying something if she really wants to stay fat forever instead of eating a Fullbar.

Most of the ingredients are good for a healthy way to maintain your body, but two that really help boost this are carbohydrates and fiber. Carbs are mostly found in breads, pastries, rice, and noodles. The truth about carbohydrates is that it gives you energy to use for your body, and this energy is used as fuel to keep you going throughout the day.
The fiber in this bar is an essential ingredient in most bars that are meant to make you lose weight or found in healthy snacks. The fiber in this Fullbar helps slow down the rate that sugar is absorbed into your bloodstream. With this process, the fiber prevents your blood glucose level from rising too fast. Why is this good? When the glucose level falls rapidly, it will make you feel hungry even though you just ate. When this happens, you might be overeating without knowing and soon after, gain weight.

If you look on the Diet Spotlight website, it states that the advantages of this Fullbar are that:

1) The products come with a money back guarantee.

2) There are a variety of flavors to choose from.

3) Discounts are available on purchases.
If you look at these advantages, none actually talk about the idea of losing weight, but talk about the price and flavor. Some even said that the flavors are bad, including me.
The disadvantages are:
Fullbar does not contain any proven diet ingredients
The products are expensive
Some feedback has been negative.

From my experience with the Fullbar, I found that it wasn’t the most satisfying thing in the world. It tastes horrible. I expected it to be crunchy or more like a granola bar when I saw it. When I took a bite, it turned out to be one of the soggiest things I ever ate. Like cereal that has been left in milk for about 15 minutes. As for the flavor, I went for Chocolate flavored one. It tastes like fake chocolate syrup was poured and mixed into puffed rice cereal. Once again, not the best thing to eat in the world. I think it helped me eat less that day because after eating that, I wasn’t in the mood to eat dinner or the bag of chips that my mom bought (Cool Ranch flavored Doritos). So like one of the commenters said, good for losing weight but, bad for taste.

Luna Bars have also been used for dieting. One consumer said that eating a Luna Bar was like eating a candy bar for a snack, that it was a great source of protein. He was a colitis patient. Colitis is the inflammation of the large intestine. This person obviously thinks that this tastes really good because he even compared it to a candy bar. This consumer finds this bar to be great tasting, but doesn’t talk about losing weight at all. They just said that it was a great source of soy protein. Soy protein is good for preventing heart problems, but hasn’t been proven to promote weight loss. Another person on Weight Loss Triumph, Beverly, said she lost 170 pounds from eating a Luna Bar and getting bariatric surgery: “It wouldn’t have been possible without the Luna bars.” She also stated that these Luna bars contained more vitamins and minerals than the ones her doctor was promoting to her after she got the surgery. This bar helped this patient because she needed to maintain her shape after the operation. She didn’t need to starve herself in order to lose weight, and she also didn’t need to eat anything artificial with chemicals that would hurt her body.

I’ve tried both these bars. If you’re looking for something you can enjoy the taste of, go with the Luna Bars. Luna bars have better flavors, like Chocolate Peppermint, Lemon Zest, S’mores, White Chocolate Macadamia, Nutz Over Chocolate, and many more. If you are looking for something that doesn’t taste so great, but helps you lose weight, go for the Fullbar. After I ate the Fullbar, I honestly didn’t feel like eating anything after. No midnight snack, instant noodles (favorite food ever), and not even dinner. I don’t even think I finished the whole bar.

The author's comments:
This is about what works better. It might not be for all people, but it's worth reading. (:

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