"Censor This" Reaction

October 31, 2011
By Daniel Ponce BRONZE, Defiance, Ohio
Daniel Ponce BRONZE, Defiance, Ohio
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Jon Von Stein makes a very valid point in her article "Censor This" about how schools are not preparing its students for the real world, and I completely support the author. This dilemma of “too much tradition” can be seen in every school, even in our little country town of Ayersville. I, personally, have seen it and experienced the over use of teachers trying to make us memorize their lessons; however, nobody knows why we need to know these things. Every so often there is that one brave kid who asks the teacher why they need this in real life, and the common response is “You will need it to solve problems and so you can make it in the real world.” That is a very general response that basically says, if it’s thought over, “I don’t really know the answer, so I'm just going to generalize it because you probably don't need to know these lessons.” I’ll take the job I want to do as an example. I want to work in the field of music technology to record and make music but where does the equation “y=mx+b” fall into my job or that combining hydrogen and chlorine makes hydrochloric acid have to do with music? The schools should be helping the students get familiar and ready for their jobs. It would make more sense if I took a class where I’ll use Garageband and work on music. Schools need to leave their past behind because more students are going into less traditional jobs like they did in the past.

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