Fire + Ice

October 4, 2011
By tara.stanzione GOLD, Pawtucket, Rhode Island
tara.stanzione GOLD, Pawtucket, Rhode Island
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There is something for everyone in the stylish, cheerful, and upbeat atmosphere of the Fire + Ice restaurant. As customers walk into the dining room they are greeted warmly by a hostess and promptly seated at a table. Customers that haven’t been there before are rapidly amazed by the array of different shapes and shades on the walls. From the long necked lighting that hangs from the ceiling, to the plates on the tables, every object in this restaurant is vivid and vibrant. Even the bathroom of Fire + Ice is decked out in lights and colors, just like their dining area!

All newcomers are shown the many choices available to them and are taken to the grill in the center of the room once they’ve decided on their meal. The variety is insanely large and includes fresh meats, seafood, vegetables, pastas, and a vast amount of different flavored sauces to choose from. This excites many because everyone can pick out exactly what and how much they want to eat. Whether someone is a vegan, or just a picky eater, there are so many food choices to select from that everyone ends up happy. The chefs’ constantly do tricks with their spatulas as they grill keeping costumers of all ages entertained.

Sara S. wrote a review of Fire + Ice on that stated, “I can’t help but love a restaurant that lets me make my own meal, choose my own sauce, and then cooks it right in front of me.” I couldn’t agree more. Not only is the food absolutely scrumptious, but it’s also a buffet. Guests can eat all night if they have the appetite. Personally, I can throw down around three platefuls of food, but I’ve seen others put away twice that amount. When people think of a buffet, they envision low quality food. This isn’t the case with Fire + Ice. All of their food is fresh, and after a patron places what they want to be cooked into a serving bowl, it is quickly tossed onto the grill where it transforms into a mouthwatering meal.

The service is just as amazing as the food. The staff is incredibly helpful, fast, and friendly. Everyone working at this restaurant, from the waiters to the chefs, seem to be having a good time and the guests they’re serving can’t help but be caught up in the mood. There is no rush and the enormous booths are extremely comfortable. After being surrounded by happy people, popular music, bright colors, and fabulous food it is really hard for costumers not to leave with a smile.

In conclusion, Fire + Ice is an outstanding restaurant to visit for many reasons. It has an incredible atmosphere, an enormous, delicious, variety to eat, and the service is spectacular. It has been one of my favorite restaurants for a very long time because of how unique and original it is. There is no other restaurant that I have been to that keeps me as entertained and pleased as Fire + Ice does. I truly believe that it is one of the best places to eat in the country.

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