An Epidemic of Stupidity

October 26, 2011
Title: An Epidemic of Stupidity

In the October issue of Teen Ink, Sarah McCrea writes a fascinating article called “An Epidemic of Stupidity.” It is about the media and how they are giving teens, mostly girls, the wrong impression. Television shows like “Jersey Shore” and “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” are leading teenagers to believe that if you act dumb then you will become more popular and “fit in.”

I would have to agree on some parts of this article because most teenage girls do believe that if they act the way that TV stars do then people will think they’re cool, and they would want to be around them. I think that acting dumb to get attention is not right, especially if the person is really intelligent. I personally cannot relate to this. However, I am guilty of watching these types of shows, especially “Jersey Shore”. I watch them because I think they’re entertaining. I don’t let the drama influence me in any way.

Title: Discretion: Teens’ Greatest Fear

In the October issue of Teen Ink, Kate Beckman writes an interesting article called “Discretion: Teens’ Greatest Fear.” This article is about the image that so many people are trying to have. Many teenagers want to be known as popular, so they use Facebook as a source to help them.

I completely agree with what is said in this article. There are so many people who are constantly updating their statuses and adding new pictures to their profiles on Facebook. They want to be noticed and get attention, no matter if it’s good or bad. I can see this dilemma occurring in Ayersville because there would be times when I would walk in the halls and “overhear” a person complaining about her drama because she would practically yell it across the hallway for everyone to hear. Most of the time I get really annoyed with it, and I don’t give those people the satisfaction they want by pretending not to hear them and moving on.

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