A Driving Lesson

October 28, 2011
By Mason Aelker BRONZE, Defiance, Ohio
Mason Aelker BRONZE, Defiance, Ohio
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A father teaches his son how to drive. He starts off terribly and forgets to put the garage door up. He eventually gets the hang of it, but when he puts the car away, he hits the gas instead of the brakes and runs into the wall.
My father tried teaching me how to drive when I was young, too. I can relate to the terror that he felt when his dad handed him the keys to the car. I was terrified starting out but then eventually somewhat got the hang of it and didn’t think it was so bad. However, I did not run into a wall when I was done and parking the truck. My dad also taught me on empty country roads compared to the roads of a suburb where there are other cars and people, so it was a little less nerve racking.

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