Quietly Waiting

October 20, 2011
By NikNik12 SILVER, Defiance, Ohio
NikNik12 SILVER, Defiance, Ohio
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Summary of the selection (25 word minimum): A young teen is working in the library. She is a librarian-in-training. When people leave the library,she likes to sneak to the section of the library where the not-often-checked-out books reside. While she was doing this one night, a man named Mike came in and said there was someone walking up and down in front of the houses outside the library, and it looked suspicious. Upon hearing this news, the librarian was freaking out and did not know what to do. She decided to wait to walk out with her friend from the library, but her friend left before she even could say anything. She ran outside and jumped in her car and sped away. The next day she found out it was a worker, so it was ok.

Your reaction to the selection (Agree/disagree & why, can you relate, do you understand, are you surprised, do you see the same dilemma in your school?) (75 word minimum)

I can totally relate to this. I freak out at things like that, too. It’s a fear of my mine to be kidnapped or raped. If this was happening to me, I’d be panicking, and I’d probably make my dad come get me. Honestly, this is a scary thing. Nobody would have been there to help her if the guy tried to rape her. It’s happening all over the world. Young girls are being attacked because they are out late all alone. It’s even happening to guys. Topics like this are important because it can ruin a person’s life, and could change them forever. This girl did the right thing by remembering to keep her key in a position that it could be used as a weapon. She also ran right out to her car and got in. Fumbling with her keys would have just made her more vulnerable to attack. The boy who came in to tell the two young girls did the right thing, too. It was good to make them aware of what was going on. I hope kids read this article and try to stay safe.

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