Artemis Fowl Character Essay

October 19, 2011
Artemis always tells Butler what he needs or wants and he gets it for him without a complaint. He's been Artemis' butler since he was born. When Artemis' dad disappeared, Butler was more like a father figure for Artemis because he's always there. Butler would do anything for Artemis, and deep down Artemis cares about Butler. Butler is always patient and persistent with Artemis.

When Artemis' father disappeared and his mother got depressed, Butler was patient and persistent with Artemis. Even though Artemis was going through a lot,Butler was still there for him. He may be bossy, but Butler was still there for him. He was even there for him in his darkest moments.

Butler is always protective of Artemis and barely ever loses his temper. He always makes sure he doesn't get hurt. He also makes sure he doesn't get threatened. He is patient even in danger. He hurts anyone who tries to hurt Artemis.

In the middle, Butler was patient when Artemis was planning to capture Holly. He helped him out and didn't give up in Artemis. Butler and his sister Juliet helped capture Holly and they questioned her. Butler is always looking out for Artemis and protecting him. Butler got attacked by a troll that was let into the Fowl heir but he was protecting Artemis.

In the end, Butler was patient and persistent when Artemis was starting to get a little nicer. Butler has been there when his father disappeared. He was also there while his mother was depressed. All in all, Butler shows that patience and persistence is key.

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