"An Unexpected Outcome"

September 26, 2011
By lyndzy BRONZE, Nap, Ohio
lyndzy BRONZE, Nap, Ohio
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In the article "An Unexpected Outcome" by Teresa Patchogue, the writer writes about her experience as a little girl. When she was eight, her mom was doing drugs and was addicted to heroin. In the end the little girl found a home and parents who cared about her.

The author's comments:
In the article I agree with the girl that got out of the situation. She had nothing going for her but the wrong road. It is very sad that she had to go through life without food or a shower. I understand what she went through. There are probably a good amount of kids who go through it every day. We don’t even realize it. Often kids laugh at their peers because they don’t dress top notch or have the best outfit. In the end I think that is so cool that she went to the office one day and spilled everything out because now she living a happy, amazing life with the food on the table and clothes on her body and a roof over her head!

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