Reaction to "50 Reasons to Live"

September 27, 2011
By Daniel Ponce BRONZE, Defiance, Ohio
Daniel Ponce BRONZE, Defiance, Ohio
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“Karen” Cabot’s story “50 Reasons to Live” in the September 2011 issue was my favorite out of the entire magazine because I was able to deeply connect to the author's mood portrayed in the story. The story was about a teen who was sad on the inside but could not show how she actually felt to the world. Suicide came into the teen’s mind, and she decided to write a suicide note but could not do it. Instead the teen wrote a list of reasons why she should live. After the list, the teen came to the conclusion that it was better to live and get through a temporary problem then do a permanent solution that cannot be taken back. I can completely understand how the author felt and can relate to the dilemma completely. I was just amazed, almost to the point of being speechless, of how much I could relate to the story in a point of my life from the first word to the final period. The story explains how I felt at one point in my life. I didn’t write a list like the author; instead, I did a mental list. By doing that mental list, I was able to realize that I cannot be sad in a life that has so many good things. Going back to the bottom is not an option, and I am glad that the author didn’t commit suicide and decided to tell her story.

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