"A Break From Technology" Review

September 26, 2011
By NickMorin SILVER, Defiance, Ohio
NickMorin SILVER, Defiance, Ohio
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Jennifer Flaherty, the author of “A Vacation from Technology,” takes a week off of technology, trying to prove that people don’t need it. In hopes of proving this statement to her family, she continues to go the week without any interaction with technology.

A whole week without technology, while sounding hard, also sounds incredibly fun. I was surprised that a teenager in this era would decide to take a break from all technology. I have to agree with the decision to not partake in technology for a week. I understand where the author is coming from, but I’m still surprised that the author actually went through with it. Yes, I can relate to the author because I too have desired to take a break from technology and just relax. This is a dilemma I have seen at Ayersville, where teens are addicted to technology and could use a break away from it.

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