Technical Writing Assignment

September 8, 2011
By krystieBeth GOLD, Inez, Kentucky
krystieBeth GOLD, Inez, Kentucky
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< I am an auditory learner, which means:
- I learn through listening..
- I depend on hearing a Technical Writing Assignment

< I am an auditory learner, which means:
- I learn through listening..
- I depend on hearing and speaking for main ways to remember material..
- I use listening and repeating skills to sort through information I have been given..

< Some areas I feel need improvement on my behalf to become a better student are.:

1.) I am a PROCRASTINATOR. (very bad study habit.)
-If you put stuff off you will end up cramming and only obtaining the knowledge for a short
period of time.

2.) I am an auditory learner therefore you can see how noises could affect my focus,
*Some being:
- TV
-I pods
-Because I am an auditory learner this will improve my focus on the material. Which
will better my understanding and remembrance of it

3.) Know what to study.
-Go through and highlight important parts in the material. Know what is going to be
because this is the stuff you will have to know in the long run.

4.) I am not the type to ask questions and participate/volunteer during class.
-By staying active in the conversation I will be able to keep a clearer head and restrain
from any day dreaming.

5.) At times I find it hard to fully understand the concepts of the material. So I feel breaking down the
Material I can be a more effective studier.
-By breaking down the information I will be able to organize it in a way for MY best

< My personal study plan to become a more focused student:

1.) Reserve study time.
-Make sure you have enough time to study. If you do not have time to study, you do
not have time to pass the test.

2.) Read notes out loud at least three times the day they are given.
-It is known that by reading your notes three times a day it will automatically help you
to remember the material given, and seeing as I am an auditory learner by reading
them out loud it will allow me to be more proficient in knowing the material.

3.) Know how much to study at a time.
- Loading up on information will be the less you know “when its all said and done”.

4.) Take study breaks.
- Give yourself time to process what your study. Its known that you will remember
the first and last thing you study.

5.) Review material often.
- The more you review over time periods the longer you will obtain the knowledge.

6.) Study right before bed.
-Its said that the human brain remembers the last thing you do before bed,
therefore if you study before bed you will remember what you studied clearer.

7.) Making more flash cards.!.!.!
-By making more flash cards it can become a quick and easy way to study “on the go”.

8.) Make a schedule of your day and make special study times.
-If you plan to study the more likely you are to be more efficient and productive with
covering the material.

9.) Take good notes.!
-The better and more organized your notes are the better you will understand what you are
supposed to.

10.) Be organized.
-Organization in my opinion is one of my weakest aspects in studying, if I can not keep
what I need to know organized how will I ever be able to know the material I need to
know. Not to mention keeping up with important papers, test grades, study guides (etc).

< I am an auditory learner.

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