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September 2, 2011
By Sieboone BRONZE, Detroit, Michigan
Sieboone BRONZE, Detroit, Michigan
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"Don't just dream for it, work for it"

A new website, Hello Perfect, aims to let everyone know that they are perfect.

No, this isn't another website telling you how you should look and how you should dress. In fact, it's quite the opposite. Hello Perfect to me is a message to embrace yourself, and your beauty.?

Television, magazines, and music constantly put messages into our minds that Beautiful is hard to attain. Whether it's "be skinny", "be tall", "ACNE IS BAD", we're pounded with pressure everyday.

Hello Perfect washes this pressure away, here's what I especially love:

?It allows YOU to define perfect, whether it's freckles or short hair.
?The "celebrities" that are showcased are REAL celebs, doing things in their communities for the good of others.?
?All of you future designers can sell your merchandise on the website!
?If you comment or ask a question, Alexa (the creator) personally replies... that shows that she truly cares about this... and us
?The Dream Catchers section!! It showcases young people like you and I who are doing any and everything to reach their dreams. Basically the same thing that I do here!
?A new Dream Catcher is chosen every month, and is publicized all over the place! The web site, Twitter, Facebook

The author's comments:
Self esteem is such a huge problem amongst girls. Messages in the media tell us that there is only a certain way to be perfect. But, that is not true.

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