James Blunt Ft. Christina Perri: Live In Reno, Nevada

July 25, 2011
Would I have called myself a James Blunt super-fan? Probably not. But did I like his music enough to buy tickets to his show? Definitely.

When I saw that James Blunt was coming to Reno, NV on May 6th, I quickly got on the phone with 3 of my friends and asked if they'd like to go to the concert too. Their replies were pretty much identical. “James Blunt?! In Reno?! He has a sexy accent! Heck yes, I'll go!”

And thus, the adventure began. That night, we all got dressed up, and headed to Reno. We reached the Silver Legacy about 45 minutes early, so we didn't have to wait in any lines to get in. The usher scanned our tickets and we quickly found our seats.

In the foyer of the Grand Exposition Hall, was a merchandise table. After we were shown to our seats, we went back out to take a look at it. We had plenty of time to kill. I was busy perusing the James Blunt “merch” when all of a sudden I heard one of my friends exclaim “Christina Perri?! Christina Perri is opening for James?!”

I turned at looked in her direction. Sure enough, the other side of the table was fully stocked with Christina Perri memorabilia.

“This is so cool!” I exclaimed. “I had no idea she was opening the show for him!” To say that we were excited was definitely an understatement. James Blunt AND Christina Perri all in one night?! What a cool surprise!

After glancing at the “merch” table one last time, we went back inside and made our way back to our seats. At this point, a lot of people had started coming in, and there were less and less vacant seats.

Not long after, the lights dimmed, and the crowd cheered. On the stage appeared Christina Perri. My friends and I all let out a loud cheer. Other than Jar Of Hearts, I didn't really know much of her music, so I didn't know what to expect. But in the end, she surpassed all of my expectations. Her lyrics were absolutely beautiful. Christina is still so young yet, she has an amazing way with words. The emotions portrayed through her songs were so strong, that I could feel them too. To have that ability, proves musicians to be true artists. Her voice was fabulous. She's definitely not one of those artists who need Auto-tune because she can belt it out on her own. Anyone who likes how she sounds on the radio would not be disappointed after seeing her live. She has wonderful stage presence, and the quirky banter between her and her drummer, Elmo, made the audience laugh and feel included. She played 7 songs, and I loved every single one.

After her performance, she went out to her merchandise table to do a meet-and-greet before James started. My friends and I were so impressed with her show, that we wanted to meet her. As soon as we could, we jumped out of our seats and made our way to the foyer to get in line. The line moved fast, and before we knew it, we were right up front. Christina was so sweet. She autographed our tickets, and even offered to take a picture with us. She wasn't stuck up or arrogant, and I was really impressed with that.

I'd be lying if I said that we weren't star-struck. As we headed back to our seats, we giggled and let out squeals of excitement. We just talked to Christina Perri. Christina. Freaking. Perri.

We sat in our seats and made small talk for a few more minutes while the stage crew rearranged the stage for James' performance. Just when we all started getting a little impatient, the lights went out.

“Oh, no.” I remember thinking to myself. “Did the power just go out?!”

It hadn't. This was all a part of the show! James' band soon emerged out onto the stage and started playing a smooth, contagious beat. Within a minute or so, the whole audience was clapping along. I kept my eyes peeled for James. Where was he?! I kept looking on stage, but he wasn't there yet!

Our seats were near the back door, and as we focused on the stage, the back door opened. A man jogged through, followed by a camera-man. They both jogged right by us before we realized who it was. It was him! James Blunt! He had literally been less than 10 feet away, but we were so focused on the band on stage, that by the time we realized it was him, he was already too far away in the crowd to snap a good picture. We were so surprised! He jogged through the crowd, high-fiving random audience members before hopping up on stage. Let me tell you, James Blunt sure knows how to make an entrance!

He grabbed his guitar, slid it over his shoulders, and opened up with a song off of his new album (Some Kind Of Trouble) called “So Far Gone”. It was upbeat and catchy. A good choice to open the show with, if you ask me.

He played a few more songs before saying, “I know you bought your seats, and I know you'd like to sit in them, but I'd really love it if you'd stand during the fast songs.”

The audience complied with enthusiasm. (While we sat and drooled over his lovely British accent.) And off he went, playing “Same Mistake”, which is one of my personal favorites.

The concert continued. He played some of his biggest hits, and he played some new songs we hadn't heard before. But all of them were good. His back-up band was utterly brilliant, and the lights for each song were amazing. James and his band had good stage presence, and they were well rehearsed.

After a few songs, he took his guitar off, and made his way towards the grand piano on stage. When he was seated, he grabbed the microphone and shot the crowd a mischievous smile.

“You know, this is going so well...I was thinking maybe we should all take our clothes off!” He joked. The audience cracked up.

He laughed. “Well, I guess I'll try to sing your tops off.” And with that, he turned toward the piano and began playing the melody to “Goodbye My Lover”, one of his most famous songs. The crowd waved their hands in the air, and sang along. It was a really beautiful moment.

A few songs later, the stage went black. “What?!” I thought to myself. “The concert can't be over yet! I don't want it to be!” And neither did the rest of the audience. Within a few seconds, the crowd was chanting “James! James! James!”

A minute or two later, the stage lights suddenly turned back on, and the band and James jogged back onto the stage. He grabbed his guitar and proceeded to play a few songs off of his new album, including, “Stay The Night”, and “Into the Dark”.

“Yes! He's doing a finale!” My friends and I all whispered to each other. We were happy it wasn't over just yet.

And just when we thought the concert couldn't get any better, it did. He sat himself down at the piano and began playing “1973”. He was so enthusiastic, and his face showed his passion. As the song went into an instrumental part, James kicked the bench out from underneath him, and jumped on top of the piano! The audience went wild as he danced around! And when it was time for the chorus, he jumped back down, and played right on. It was probably the most epic moment of the night. As the song faded out, James stood, and along with the other band members, took a bow. The audience clapped loudly and even gave him a standing ovation! The lights went dark, and we knew then, that the concert was really over. As me and my friends shuffled out into the lobby, I now knew that I could definitely call myself a James Blunt super-fan.

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