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May 30, 2011
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My favorite types of books are ones that introduce entire worlds, that test the limits of our imagination. Push the immovable walls of what we know to be reality, but what we wish to be true. I discovered an entire world, a world that was sitting right under my nose the whole time. This was a different kind of world than what I was used too. I discovered worlds in the past that consisted of werewolves, vampires, witches and hippogryphs, not feuds between Google and Facebook. The fact that Google and Facebook could have a feud sounded absurd to me. Until I discovered the other world of the internet, the business side, it was just a single concept. I believed, compared to my parents, that I knew a lot about the internet, that I was “tech-savvy”. After being introduced to the websites, I realize there is even more for me to learn about the internet as a business. As I read the articles, I found myself leaning closer and closer to the computer screen, until my nose nearly bumped it. Bitcoin’s, Google Buzz, a Hackathon, before I read TechCrunch I had grouped all of technology together as something that didn’t interest me, yet after reading TechCrunch I am eager to learn more.

Business Insider finally explained the economy to me, that we are in big trouble. I always assumed Obama was telling the truth. But he is doing what the rest of us do, lying till it becomes the truth. “Economic recovery”, he says. But really he is planting a false seed of hope in America’s conscience. For example, a mother that has four children is asking why she didn’t see it coming that their house has been foreclosed on. That her husband has become and alcoholic without a job. I finally understand now, that we are handling the entire situation incorrectly . But I am only a single voice, of a single mind. Business Insider educated me. It is educating people all over the globe, and hopefully a mother of four with the false seed of hope implanted so stealthily into her conscience, will have the opportunity to read this article and change the outcome of her children’s lives. I am not saying that Business Insider saves lives, no, but it could.

I didn’t truly understand what marketing was until I read the Chitika blog. All of the statistics were just random numbers that I didn’t see the importance of. For example, Bing was successful at first, but then their numbers greatly faltered. Bing was only successful at first because of the way it marketed itself. It portrayed itself as a search engine that gave you precisely what you typed in the search bar. Pitting itself against search engines like Google and Yahoo. I myself can not deem Bing either a good or bad search engine. The numbers, however, tell me that people don’t like it. Further inspiring me to believe that Bing only had the high jump in their users due to how it marketed itself. Marketing is how you let the world perceive you and your company.

I wrote my three paragraphs on particular articles found on the websites you gave me, or on an entire website itself. I did read all of the websites and I studied them, these articles and websites in particular seemed to stand out to me. I think that was because I had something to say about them. I found that SearchEngineLand was a little bit easier for me to navigate than the other websites just because it was more organized in my opinion. And the articles in Adweek were my favorite because I understood them better. Not because of the writers themselves, but because the content in the articles was more focused towards things I was aware existed! I throughly enjoyed learning about this big world that I have been introduced to and I am eager to learn more!

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