Linux or the Reigning Windows

May 11, 2011
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When I typed “why use Windows over Linux” I got the exact same results as when I typed “why use Linux over Windows” into Google, and those were the reasons why Linux was better than Windows. This could mean two things the first, Linux is far better than Windows and that means that the entire computer using world should switch now because it truly is better, or that Google has rigged the results- I don’t think so. But, just to be safe I will try the same queries in Bing. I got basically the same results except one article on both results, “why Windows wins and Linux loses” so now it’s time for a third party source- DuckDuckGo. The results are the same, with no deviation from other engines. That means that the facts are the only place left to go.
Before I begin, let me tell you that Linux is open source. This means that the source code is open to the public and that anybody who knows computer programming can create any type of software, program or script for it.
All that Windows has going for it is, well, err, it’s got, hmm, oh it’s got the masses which in turn means that big corporations build their software for Windows only. They also have money which means that they can advertise, and Windows is on almost every computer which means that everyone knows how to use Windows.
Linux users see that list and say, “meh” because the software built only for Windows can be created for Linux. Not only that, but it can be created better and more advanced than the version for Windows. An alternative to creating the program or waiting for someone else to create it is to use a program called WINE. WINE stands for Windows Emulator. This program will take a Windows file and run it in Linux. It’s easy to use and very complex in how it works, but that doesn’t affect the user. All that Windows has left to defend itself from Linux is its huge audience.
This audience does not choose Windows over Linux, most simply do not know that Linux exists. They see that there is Mac OS and Windows, that’s it. So either to them, it’s use Mac OS or Windows. Both have hardcore users who bash the other and would never ever use the other OS. Here’s where Linux comes in. Created in the mid 90’s, Linux has one rule for all of its users. Do Not Sell. Simple, and the main reason Linux is better. Linux is free, was created free to use, and will remain free forever. Linux, unlike Windows has many distros, short for distribution, it means that there are many versions of it around the market. Windows, on the other hand, has one at a time with different restrictions. Debian, Fedora, ARCH Linux, and Gentoo are the most popular. All are supported by volunteers and most have distros that stem off them. For example, Debian has Knoppix and Ubuntu. Ubuntu has other distros that stem of of it too, there is KUbuntu, and XUbuntu. From Fedora, we have Red Hat and Mandriva. Both have other distros derrived from them as well. Each distro is built for different people, so any person can find the right Linux distro for them.
There is also a try-before-you-install for some distros in which a Live CD or Live USB are used to run the OS. Simply find the software to create it, then insert and reboot the computer. Then select boot options and select CD or USB. It boots and your living cool. By the way, Windows does not have this option because it’s not light weight enough to run off USB.
Another reason Linux is best, with conjunction to the Open Source nature of Linux, is there are no viruses. That’s right! Even though anything can be created for Linux, anybody can stop the virus. One day someone sends out a malicious virus, within hours there is a patch sent out and the virus is gone; because of this, nobody creates viruses for it. Whereas in Windows, when a virus is sent out, the user has to wait for Windows to send out an update, but because they are so big, they usually have other things to worry about and the patch gets delayed.
Software is also free, Linux and Linux users have taken up the FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) point of view. Why buy Microsoft Office for $100 big ones, when or Libra is free? This also goes for other types of software like iTunes Linux has Clementine, and it’s much better, by far. Along with FOSS, multiple users are free. Let me explain, Windows makes you purchase a Software License, this lets you use the software legally. Whereas FOSS has no license, which means that I can have 1.3 million users for $0.00, while the same software on Windows will run about $130 million.
Jack Wallen of the Tech Republic is right- why waste money on an OS and software for that OS, when an OS tailored to you, for you, and by you with the same/better software is available for free? Windows is big now because people are ignorant. But in the near future, Linux will be bigger, and will set Windows and Mac OS in the trash with the rats.
What about that one site that said Windows wins and Linux loses? Well, Desktop Linux, the name of the site, says that Windows is best because of its install base, or in short how many systems are running Windows compared to Linux systems. Really, something like that, that can be changed in a couple of years?
There is a conspiracy about all of this. Microsoft launched a program in which they have sunk millions of dollars in stopping people from learning about Linux. I have talked to countless people who don’t know what Linux is and there are probably countless others. Microsoft knew this and sought out so as they never found out about Linux because that would hurt their business dramatically. I want to believe this conspiracy, because I believe that Microsoft thinks that they need to be in control of everything computer. That’s why they launched Bing.
When all is said and done, Linux will be the ultimate victor, there’s no doubt about it. The only question is when it will happen. As Linux continues to grow, people will soon realize that it is the only choice in OS’s. The pro’s are dramatically greater than that of Windows. It all boils down to the people getting educated in the things of the future. We cannot wait for them to become the next facebook. We, today have to get the word out and make it the next facebook. Ultimately when Linux beats Windows, and when Linux is the only OS left standing, we may wonder why it took so long.

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Simply, I hate Windows.

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