Lake Braddock Secondary School's Production of "Dracula

May 10, 2011
By alyzzle BRONZE, Alexandria, Virginia
alyzzle BRONZE, Alexandria, Virginia
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From the moment lights up to cue the beginning of the show, Lake Braddock captured the audience and enticed them with the different ways the theatre was used. Performing “Dracula”, Lake Braddock did an all-around wonderful job at this show.

Vampires have many connotations and can easily be seen in a horrific light as well as comedic. Lake Braddock had a good mix of both, wasting no time to rush in the blood and guts to astound the audience. Between the blood curdling screams, slamming doors and actors rushing up and down the aisles, there wasn’t anything not to enjoy about this show.

From the beginning, the set was eye catching but simple, and scene changes were handled well. Instead of the typical full black out, only parts of the stage was lit, allowing for not only little to no empty stage time but also the ability to have multiple scenes being carried on simultaneously. This led to visual interest and kept everyone watching alert, focused and engaged. Sound and lights went along with the set, both top notch. Microphones were used in a perfect way, with no feedback, echoing or blind spots. Actors worked their voices and projected enough that they weren’t in need or microphones. Cues were spot on and tech was on their game, following and keeping up with the scene changes and light effects.

Actors were overall, committed to their roles. Heavy British or Irish accents did tend to come and go, but it was clear that an effort was being made to try and get this accent across. Dracula, Jimmy, had a wonderful German accent that was very consistent and fit the character really well. Another standout was CJ playing Renfield, adding comedic relief to such a serious comedy with his witty lines and almost perfect timing. Leading ladies, Mina and Lucy did wonderful jobs growing, maturing and building their characters as the show progressed. Ilana (Lucy) especially impressed in her short appearance as a vampire. Physicality and facials are definitely a strong spot for Ilana.

As a whole, the show was nice, with a few exceptions that were more about the play than the actors. Actors were on top of their roles, the use of the stage was superb and characters had beautiful chemistry, whether it was between girl friends or a couple in love. “Dracula” not only impressed, it sparkled and shined and Lake Braddock deserves a nice, hearty, Bravo for such a performance!

The author's comments:
I wrote this for a critic group I'm part of. We go around and see other high schools' shows and critique them. This review got published in a newspaper where I live, actually.

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