The cafeteria

April 8, 2011
By Anonymous

I would like to talk to you about the school lunch we have here at school. We are a national magnet school of excellence and our lunch does not meet that title. The lunch we have a school is what kids get in a normal middle school and like you said we are not a normal school, we are the best school. I hear all the time from the kids that the lunch is just not up to pare with what we are trying to achieve here. We need an excellent, wonderful, warm, and loving food service here. Our stomachs are crying out to the people in charge of the food service. We need more choices, better service, and way better food. The students at the greatest magnet school in the country want more for their money. They want to be able to go into the cafeteria everyday and have something that they like and something that is amazingly great. They want to be greeted with a nice smile and a gentle touch. Here at the Academy we are expected to do the best that we can. Are the lunch ladies doing the best that they can? Most would say that they are not. When the students enter the cafeteria they want to go straight in line and get their food but instead they have to wait until the lunch ladies use our time to eat their food. This is just a waste of time and it gets a little aggravating. I can speech for all of the students but I can sure speech for most of them, we hate everything about the cafeteria. Mr. Cavalier please do something for your students. We are begging you.

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