The Home Plate Cafe

March 24, 2011
By abclupeabc BRONZE, Middletown, New York
abclupeabc BRONZE, Middletown, New York
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The Home Plate Café is a small baseball themed restaurant. It is located on 3 South Street Middletown NY, and it serves Italian/American food. The two cooks that work there, Antonio and Julius, have worked for more than ten years in the Casa Mia restaurant. Julius worked there for almost twenty nine years as the head chef, and Antonio worked there for eleven years, as Julius’ assistant. Shortly after the Casa Mia’s closing, Julius decided to open up his own place, and they are slowly rising up to success. The food that they serve is absolutely amazing, and the service is excellent. The restaurant is spotless. You’re sure to get the bang for your buck, because not only is the food delicious, but it’s also very cheap.
The inside of the restaurant is really cozy, and comforting. It’s warm and the sun coming in through the windows, gives it a nice feeling. There is always music playing, and it’s just a fun experience to have. You can sit down and eat, and just be relaxed listening to the music, enjoying the sun coming in through the glass windows.
When you walk in, you can choose any seat you want. You’ll be given a menu and your choice of drink. The Home Plate Café has a ‘bring your own bottle’ policy. This means that they don’t sell liquor but if you bring your own bottle of wine, or beer, they’ll gladly open it for you. Pretty cool right?
The Home Plate Café has to be one of the cleanest restaurants in Middletown. In fact, when the health inspector came in to check it out about two months ago, he left very pleased. When he was leaving, he congratulated Julius and gave him a blank piece of paper. This means that he didn’t find anything wrong in the restaurant and the food. You can probably imagine how clean the restaurant is.
I can guarantee that you will be amazed with your food. You will absolutely love it. Because that’s just how awesome the Home Plate Café is. You won’t regret stopping by in fact; you’ll want to come back again. Even though the Home Plate Café is small, it’s cozy warm, and it’s just comforting and you’ll just love your experience. So if you want to go out to eat, without emptying out your wallet, and still have an amazing time, come to the Home Plate Café.

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