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March 23, 2011
By normbarnes BRONZE, Ashburn, Virginia
normbarnes BRONZE, Ashburn, Virginia
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The Zune HD is a solid device. It has the capacity to hold multiple apps, music files, and videos. One step up that Microsoft made from the regular Zune is their memory system. They have made the switch from hard drive to flash memory, which allows the devices to become smaller in size while still having the same processing power.
There are a variety of models in the new Zune, and they will even let you laser engrave the system for around ten dollars extra, and when you laser-engrave it, they include extra pictures on the device for free.
The Zune HD has a social feature that allows you to share songs with other nearby Zune users. They currently have a sixteen gigabyte model as well as a thirty-two gigabyte model, and a sixty four gigabyte model currently available. You can pick them up at almost every electronic retail store for around $199.99.
One feature that Microsoft has improved on this new Zune is the radio. They have incorporated the standard radio into a HD radio for no extra cost. The radio can play in different regions. It can play in North America, Japan, and Europe. It has different equalizer settings, to give the user different tones of the music. The Zune’s radio allows you to tag songs on the radio and add them to your cart for purchase in the Zune marketplace. They have included a “Smart DJ” that will find the songs that you listen to the most, and it will suggest other songs.
They have included internet on this device, and it will connect to almost any wireless network. They have put a 3.3 in vivid touchscreen on this device for HD videos and extra brightness. The Microsoft teams have included an HD output to allow users to play HD and standard videos on your HD TV The device is an astonishing 2” x 4” x 0.25” making it a nice fit in your hand. One astonishing feature that the Zunes have is the ability to communicate with each other, share songs, and view what each other person has been listening to.
The device has three different languages available; English, French, and Spanish. These languages allow for people from different countries to understand it. The clock can be set in either military time (24 hour) or standard time (12 hour). They have an auto correct feature, that will detect and fix spelling errors, and an auto capitalize feature that will automatically capitalize the first letter in each new sentence. The Zune has an advanced accelerometer built in that will allow the screen to tilt instantly when you turn it (give or take a second or so). The accelerometer also plays an important role in some of the games. For example, PGR: Ferrari Edition, Lucky Lanes Bowling, Labyrinth, Audio Surf tilt, Space Battle 2, and Vans SK8: Pool Service, which all use the tilt feature for the controls of the game, and are all available on the Zune marketplace. One of the most essential apps on the Zune HD is the MSN Weather service, which will show the weather in different parts of Virginia. They have included a marketplace app on the Zune that will allow you to view, listen to previews, and buy songs and apps. There is a quick play on the device, which will show what, was recently downloaded on the device, what was recently used, and pins that will allow quick access to songs, or videos, and what you were recently listening to.
Compared to the Apple iPod Touch, some features like the ability to pin songs is a major advantage. Of course, with the iPod touch, you can get more apps, but with the Zune HD, you get similar games, but they are free. The Zune has a 3.3 in OLED touchscreen while the iPod touch has a 3.5 touchscreen. The Zune’s resolution is 480 pixels x 272 pixels, and the IPod is 960 by 640 pixels. They both have 802.11 b / g WI-FI, and the IPod has 2.1 EDR Bluetooth. The IPod touch currently has 8, 32, and 64 GB capacity, and the Zune HD has a 16, 32, and 64 GB capacity.
Overall, this device is a very-well made device that makes a solid statement about Microsoft. For more information on Zune, you can go to Zune.net.

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