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March 14, 2011
By , Horsham, PA
I really love Nike 6.0 shoes. Nike 6.0 is the only shoes I buy. These shoes come in a variety of different colors and are skater-styled shoes.

The Good: The 6.0 are comfortable and stay on your feet. They come in a variety of diverse colors, shapes and sizes. The colors are royal blue and gray or grey and grass green. I am a 7 in shoe size and usually on other shoes I am a 6 ½ but the Nike 6.0 fit me perfect and will last for a few years. They are affordable and you can find them at any shoe store. The shoes are very easy to get off of your feet. These shoes are very popular.

The So-So: I am not going to lie. The Nike 6.0 has a few minor problems as well. A problem is that one of the pair of shoes I have is white and will dirty quickly. I have to wash them a lot. If I were you I wouldn’t get white ones. Another problem is that the shoelaces are tattered and torn. This is because when I tuck my shoelaces in the shoe they fall out and I step on them.
The Bad: Here are some disadvantages of the shoes. One very annoying disadvantage is that the shoelaces are too short to tie so I tuck them in. That leads me to the other disadvantage how the shoelaces don’t stay in the shoe when I tuck them in. These are irritating problems Nike should fix.
Vs. Nike 6.0 vs. DC vs. Osiris
I love my Nike 6.0 and DC and Osiris are not my style and I think other people will pick Nike over these other brands. Osiris may have cool and radiant colors but they don’t have adult sizes. DC is way to expensive some priced at over one-hundred dollars.

Overall I think this is the best shoe for skaters and people who like the skater style. I bought mine off for forty dollars and I would recommend you do that too. You can also get them at Famous Footwear.

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