Windows 7 Review

March 14, 2011
By Anonymous

Windows 7 completely rocks. It has a lot of pros and barely any cons about it. It takes the cake against any other computer software.

Windows 7 runs well and is fast. It is easy to navigate, so you can find what you need easily. You can also place two windows next to each other to effortlessly work on two things at once. It starts up quickly and you can do things much more efficiently compared to slower computers. It updates a lot to run even better than it did before. Windows 7 is an awesome product.

Windows 7 also has a few so-so qualities. It has a right click button. This makes it easier to choose settings and see properties. Windows 7 also has a detailed desktop personalization. You can choose your background and even make it a slide show. This isn’t that big of a deal, but it is definitely a cool feature. Windows 7 has a couple of good qualities that aren’t quite amazing.

Windows 7 is a great product with only one downside. There aren’t many programs that have an in depth sound editing system. This would not be the best choice for a musician or sound editor. It would be a great choice for just about everyone else. Windows 7 has barely anything wrong with it.

Windows 7 can win any comparison. It beats Macs because it has a right click and better navigation. Windows Vista loses too because it almost never updates and it is very difficult to use. Windows XP is the only product that comes close, but it lacks some of the great features from Windows 7. The competition is nothing compared to Windows 7.

Finally, I think that everyone should buy Windows 7 for their computers. This product is absolutely wonderful. Its competition cannot even compare as to how great this software is. I give Windows 7 a ten out of ten.

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