IPOD Touch Review

March 14, 2011
By , horsham, PA
I love my fourth generation IPod Touch. It is the best modern MP3 player out there! I use my IPod 24/7, so I know a lot of pros, cons and so-so’s of the IPod.

There are so many great things about the IPod. You can go on the internet, have apps, have games, and take pictures and videos. It also has very great sound for the songs, shows and movies. You can even take the headphones out and let music play loud enough to hear. The IPod has a very big screen too so you can see everything clearly. You can also adjust screen and other general settings to fit your needs.

The IPod is great but it also has some downfalls. When you’re playing an app or game, advertisements can pop-up and interrupt your game or app. It gets very annoying, so you stop using this app or game and it becomes a waste of your money, all because of the advertisement. Sometimes on games and apps ads don’t pop-up at all. This situation can be either good or bad. It depends on which app or game you buy because it can also just be the game or app that is causing the ads to pop-up.

I love my IPod, however, there are some things I hate about it. If you’re playing a game or on an app that can take most of the battery. It takes about twenty minutes of playing the game or on the app to lose most of the battery. If you’re just listening to songs it’s not that bad, but other than that the battery has a short life. Also, if you didn’t have a plug near you, you wouldn’t be able to use the IPod because the battery’s dead!
Before I was given the IPod touch, I used to be a user of the old NANO IPod. Although, they are from the same company, I personally think the IPod Touch is better. Why? The IPod is better because it has a bigger and better screen. The NANO has a very small screen. If you have poor eyes, I recommend you not get the NANO because of that. Also, the Touch can take pictures and videos. It can also go on the internet. The NANO can’t do any of those.
I am very happy I was given the IPod for Christmas. It was one of my best presents I ever received! I encourage you to buy this product. You can purchase this product at target, wal-mart, best buy, apple stores and any other tech related stores. I guarantee you will be please.

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