Video Game Addictions

March 4, 2011
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The topic of video game addiction is a very serious matter because of all of the murders and suicides cause by video games. Also how video games control the human mind.
People Getting Corrupted
All of the games that are coming out now have something to do with violence. Because of all these violent games teenagers get there minds messed up and end up doing some stupid things. Video games also sometimes ruin the lives of teens by making them so addicted to the game they do not want to get off of it.
Video games that usually end up causing these corruptions are usually Call Of Duty, Halo, and any other game that includes violence. Those games usually end up causing teens to do nothing but play the game and just go to a no life status in life. Teens who are addicted also usually end up getting overweight, eye problems, anti-social, and also cause them to go to sleep at later times.
Video games also end up making teens have mixed feelings. Mixed up feelings include shyness, being anti-social, and confusion.
Deaths Caused By Games

Some teens and a few adults have died because of video games. Some have died because of nonstop play, suicides, and murders. People who had murdered have been sentenced to jail.
Like in the United States a 27 year old killed his 17-month old daughter because of a broken Xbox. Also a teen from Ohio shot his parents because they had token away his Halo 3. Also a lady shook her baby to death because the boys crying interrupted her Farm Vile game.

Could people ever get over the addictions of video games?

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