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Travel to Michigan?

March 1, 2011
By Amanda Ryerse BRONZE, Ashburn, Virginia
Amanda Ryerse BRONZE, Ashburn, Virginia
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Staring out the window from the back seat of my family’s beat-up Sequoia, I agonized over how much longer it would take to finally get there. My family and I were on day two of driving up to the state of Michigan. Each day consisted of nine to ten hours of driving. I tried to picture the fun my family was going to have once we got to St. Igneous, Michigan, as the countless memories of past years floated through my mind. You see, every three years, my dad’s side of the family has a huge reunion. Everyone, from aunts and uncles to great grandparents, gathers to catch up with everybody’s lives. This year was no exception from the good times. I had so much fun!
St. Igneous is a quaint little town, located in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Now to get to St. Igneous, you must cross the Mackinac Bridge, the third longest suspension bridge in the world. This bridge crosses the Straits of Mackinac.
In the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, the locals call themselves “yoopers” and the “yoopers” also call the locals in the Lower Peninsula “trolls.” That is how the locals in the Upper Peninsula talk. The reason the “yoopers” call the locals in the Lower Peninsula “trolls” is because they live under the bridge. The idea came from the troll in the story, Three Billy Goats Gruff. There are many activities to do in this small town of St. Igneous. The first activity is shopping. In St. Igneous, there are various shops. These stores range from gift shops, clothing stores, and book shops to jewelry stores. I bought many items, including new shoes and jewelry.
So now that your shopping is complete, let’s move on to food. It’s time to eat, and St. Igneous has got some great restaurants! The Mackinac Grille Restaurant and Waterfront Patio Bar is an example of a great eatery. This casual restaurant has a variety of food on the menu, a great atmosphere, and awesome t-shirts. The menu has an assortment of great eats for every person. They cater to meat eaters, vegetarians and vegans. This lovely restaurant specializes in Mackinac Whitefish. However, the Mackinac Grille also has an amazing salad bar. This restaurant has a great atmosphere. The waiters are nice and very friendly; they treat you just like an old family friend. Along the walls on the inside are a mixture of quotes, some inspiring and some funny. Or you can choose to sit outside on the deck. The deck has an amazing view of Lake Huron. I recommend sitting on the deck, but I suggest you to bring a jacket, because it gets chilly there! Finally, the Mackinac Grille Restaurant has awesome t-shirts! I suggest buying one, because it’s a cool souvenir and a reminder of what a great memory you had in the restaurant. The t-shirts come in various colors such as blue, red, pink, and green. On the front corner, they say Mackinac Grille. And on the back, they have this quote; “St. Igneous, Michigan a quiet little drinking village, with a fishing problem.” I thought this quote was hilarious because of the irony and switched-around words. My parents each got this shirt, my mom in pink, and my dad in blue. My aunt also got this shirt in blue.
Varying from thirty minutes to two hours away, there are more activities you can do. Examples include the Soo Locks, Castle Rock and Glass Bottom Boat Shipwreck tours. But there are plenty more. The Soo Locks gives you an up-close view of the locks between Lake Huron and Lake Superior. They need these locks because Lake Superior’s water level is higher than Lake Huron’s. Castle Rock is a huge rock that tourists can climb 170 steps to the top. The view of Lake Huron there is beautiful. When you take a Glass Bottom Shipwreck tour, you have the chance to see five different shipwrecks on the bottom of Lake Superior.
Finally, and most importantly, you can travel to Mackinac Island. This island is accessible only by a twenty-minute ferry ride. This ferry has three levels, and when my family rode on it, we rode on the top level. This is where you can feel the wind in your hair and the sun on your face. Just don’t forget your sunscreen. When riding over on the ferry you can take pictures, look at the beautiful view, or just enjoy the ride and the company you are with. I was on picture duty that day, so I ended up taking plenty of pictures of the water and the views from the ferry.
On Mackinac Island motorized vehicles are prohibited, so the only transportation used on the island are bikes, horse-drawn carriages, horseback, or on foot. Mackinac Island is known for many things, but most importantly its fudge. To say that Mackinac Island fudge is the best is an understatement. Words can’t even describe the softness of the chocolate sliver of delectable goodness. As I watched the confectioner shape the fudge, I could feel my mouth watering. The fudge seemed to call me begging that I eat it or at least taste it. Fudge comes in many different flavors. There is chocolate, vanilla, mint chocolate chip, chocolate with nuts, chocolate peanut butter and so much more. Mackinac Island has many other things to do, too! You can bike the eight-mile perimeter, visit the haunted house, visit Fort Mackinac, or you can just sit and enjoy the view. I have done all of these activities, and they are all commendable.
Overall, St. Igneous is a great place to visit! It is very family friendly; however, it also is enjoyable with a group of friends. There are many things to do, places to visit and views to gawk at. Not to mention the delightful fudge that is waiting for you at Mackinac Island. Visit St. Igneous, and you will have countless memories and stories to tell for years to come.

The author's comments:
I wrote this as an assignment, however, I loved traveling and spending time in St. Igneous, Michigan.

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