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Faster, Louder, Better

February 14, 2011
By Chris Sullivan BRONZE, Morristown, New Jersey
Chris Sullivan BRONZE, Morristown, New Jersey
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The engine roars as you speed around the next turn. On your right the other car is coming along side of you about to pass you. You hit the gas putting the petal to the metal, your neck and neck on the last straight away. It’s a photo finish! Let’s see who won the race. The Chevelle SS won in a 15 lap race against the Ferrari Enzo. What a race that was! Well that proves it the Chevelle SS is the better car because it is a classic American made sports car, it is fast, can be loud, it is affordable to the average person, safe, and get good miles per gallon. There are three main things that a person looks at when buying a car. They are the features, the price, and the performance of the car.

The features are very important when choosing a car. The features are what make a car better or worse there. Some features include safety, radio, air condition/ heat, extra space, and the interior. The safety features that are included in the Ferrari Enzo are anti lock brakes, dual front airbags, and seat belts. The other features that are included are air-conditioning/ heat, 2 front seats, center console, carbon fiber surfaces, adjustable seats, transmission controls on the steering wheel, and leather seats, but no radio. The safety features in the Chevelle SS are seat belts but there are no air bags in this car. The other features in this old muscle car are 5 leather seats, a center console, air condition/ heat, and a radio. The Chevelle SS is the better car because it has more space and seats more people, has an A.M. / F.M. radio which most people like to have in their car. Also having air conditioning/ heat is important to a buyer because they want to be comfortable while driving.

The price of a car is one of the main things people look at when buying a car. The Ferrari Enzo is a very expensive car which costs around 1 million dollars which most people can’t afford. The Chevelle SS is a much less expensive car that costs around $10,000 today at auction. There are different types of the Chevelle SS which can raise or lower the price. Most people who spend the money to have the Ferrari Enzo say that it was worth it. Overall the Chevelle SS is the better car because it costs less and there are different models that were made.

The performance of a car is something that many people wonder about the car that they are going to buy. The performance of a car has different criteria which include miles per gallon (mpg), speed/ acceleration, steering, and horse power (hp). The Ferrari Enzo can reach speeds up to 217 mph and can go from o-60 in 3.4 seconds. The Enzo has 660 horse power. The Ferrari Enzo has power steering, and gets 7 mpg city and 12 mpg highway. The type of gas the Enzo uses is premium gas also this car doesn’t drive well in the snow or rain because it doesn’t get good traction in wet weather. The Chevelle SS can reach speeds up to 130 mph putting out 450 horse power and can go from 0-60 in5.4 seconds. There is power steering and gets 17-20 mpg. The chevelle SS is the better because it is a true classic American car, it can be loud, and is a great muscle car. Also because the Chevelle SS gets much better mpg and is still a fast car.

In conclusion the Chevelle SS is the better car than the Ferrari Enzo because it is affordable for the average person, it is fast, and gets good mpg. The 3 main things people look at when buying a car are the features, the price, and the performance.

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