Advocacy Letter: Buffalo Wild Wings

January 17, 2011
Dear Ms. Smith,

My name is Jordan Fisher and I am a customer of your Buffalo Wild Wings at 1273 Capitol Drive Suite A Pewaukee, Wisconsin. Buffalo Wild Wings has been an excellent new restaurant that has evolved into one of the most popular restaurants in the United States. I am writing this letter to inform you that the past few times I have visited this Buffalo Wild Wings there has been a few problems that happen numerous times to me and other customers. I have noticed that recently the dishes at this restaurant have been dirty with left over sauces and pieces of food still on the plate. The other issue I have noticed is that larger groups that have arrived later than I have were seated and served first.

The past three times I have eaten at Buffalo Wild Wings, I sat down and have gotten ready to enjoy fresh Buffalo wings and other foods you provide, but once I see the plate I’ll be using, I lose my appetite. I have found leftover wing sauces, ranch, and cheese left on plates after they were supposed to be washed. Another issue that came up is that my family and I continuously visit your restaurant and we always have a party of four. While we are waiting to be seated, there have been a few instances of larger groups of people coming in later but getting seated and served before we even get seated. Buffalo Wild Wings hasn’t always had these problems, but they have gotten worse recently. I would like the dishes to be washed with more care and to have the ranch free of charge.

I love the franchise of Buffalo Wild Wings and it is an excellent place for any group of people to sit down and enjoy the entertainment they are surrounded by. These two small issues that this restaurant could fix would make this place even better in the customer’s point of view.

I hope you take my thoughts into consideration and take the time to respond. Thank you for reading and thinking of my ideas.


Jordan F

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