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January 17, 2011
By Madie Berg BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
Madie Berg BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
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Mark Zuckerberg Uses the
Word “Social” a Lot
Imagine the events that led up to the invention of the telephone. The timeline starts in 1834 when the telegraph was invented. Then in 1860, Philipp Reis developed a “telephone” which was the first instrument that could transmit the spoken word. In 1866, telephone communication was available between two countries. Then 1874 Alexander Graham Bell discovered the principle of the telephone. Then Thomas Edison contributed to this new found technology in 1877. Years later, in 1989, Motorola came out with the first cell phone, which gave people mobile communication wherever they went. Technology since then has bloomed rapidly into something that (to some) is believed to be ruining society, social communication, and the sophisticated mind.
In David Gelles article “Mark Zuckerberg Uses the Word ‘Social’ a Lot,” Gelles explains the rapidly growing phenomenon Facebook and its plans for the future. The article explains how Facebook is becoming literally as easy as 1…2…3. Local coffee shops are offering a rewards system for people who link into their net work and use Facebook. While Zuckerberg gave his pitch about the future to a set of board members, an analyst leaned over to Gelles and said, “this new idea will change local commerce forever.”
Continuing in the article, Zuckerberg explains his need to “make everything social.” He explains in five years small companies, big business owners, homeowners, and homemakers will be moving into a more social world… through the internet. He then goes into explaining the needs of humans to know exactly what their friends are doing at all times. He talks about how restaurant favorites, movie premiers and group events should be differently organized making it easier to navigate the web and Facebook. The article concludes with a wrap up of Zuckerberg’s and Gelles’s points indicating that facebook is a worldwide phenomenon and will continue to grow and to integrate into businesses and into lives.
There is no way of changing the social future. There is no way of changing Zuckerberg’s plans. There is no way of stopping the wild fire that is Facebook. But it is concluded that because of this increasing technological world one has the choice to fall into its death grip or veer away to a simpler life style. Because of the rapid growth of the cyber world three aspects of children’s lives will be altered; their physical, mental and social lives. The continual change on Zuckerbergs creation will benefit few and hurt many.
The growth in the obesity rate in children has gone up 3.7% since 1999. Children no longer have the energy to go out and play, make leaf piles or snow forts. They have the computer, the iPhone, the D.S., the Wii the Game Boy, and the list goes on. Children spend most of their free time gaming, Tweeting, and the new coined term Facebooking—physicial detriment.
Other studies have shown the brain needs fresh air to develop. Due to children’s lack of fresh air and sunlight, they are causing themselves to become malnourished. Brain functioning actually becomes impaired due to lack of necessary natural needs—mental detriment
Finally children no longer can communicate with peers and adults. Many children say that it’s, “just easier to text it.” Technology has depersonalized everything. Texting, instant messaging, and facebooking have opened up the door to allowing anyone to interpret the unsaid word in any way they choose. It has also exaggerated the divide between children and their parents—social detriment.
Bottom line: the social network has made lives easier… but has made people less intellegant. Mark Zuckerberg’s creation of Facebook has taken over in a completely new way. Not only have TV’s and cell phones corrupted our minds, but also websites such as Facebook have pulled us even further into the black hole of Technology.

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