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January 17, 2011
By Amy Retzlaff BRONZE, North Lake, Wisconsin
Amy Retzlaff BRONZE, North Lake, Wisconsin
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Dear Nick Medinger,
I would like to thank you for donating games to my Advanced Composition teacher. She works hard and she deserves it.

I played the game “Word on the Street.” It is educational and fun. I had to think on my feet and be able to come up with the word fast. It is a competitive game because the people on the other team know a word to use while you are struggling to think of an easy one.

When I was playing it with the people in my class, I saw how intense they can get from just a simple game. My friend Christine is a nice Christian girl who would never hurt a fly. She was “trash talking” and saying funny things that would distract us from thinking of a word. In the end, we lost but it was an enjoyable game. I would recommend this game to any and all of my friends. It would be a good party game.

I learned how important donating things are. And not just games, but anything. Everything and anything can help a person in need or someone who deserves it. In class, I looked around the room and saw everybody having a good time playing games at their table. They didn’t worry about anything. The only thing on their mind was having fun. Thank you for giving us a fun time in class.

Thanks again,

Amy R

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