Chivas Regal: Bias and Incorrect

January 17, 2011
By MFox738 BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
MFox738 BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
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The advertisement was made by Chivas Regal to promote a Whisky. This ad was used to target both white men and women in their early thirties to late forties, but this ad seems to be especially targeted towards men.
The scene has a classy appeal about it. It takes place in a snowy region with mountains dominating the background and with flat, snow covered tundra setting the foreground. In the far background at the base of a mountain, there appears to be a log cabin with a fire burning in front of it. There are two groups of people that are traveling in opposite directions, being pulled by horse drawn sled. The two groups of people are meeting in the tundra in the foreground; one of the sleds seems to be coming from the cabin, while the other seems to be heading towards the cabin. Over the tundra in the closest part of the foreground, “THE CHIVAS LIFE” is written in block font with a transparent orange brown color, the same color as whisky. Inside the letters of the word “CHIVAS” are close up images of the people who are actually in the scene itself. In the lower right hand corner of the page there are two glasses of whisky next to a bottle of Chivas Regal Premium Scotch Whisky.
In the sled going away from the cabin there is a man and a woman in the back seat dressed in formal clothes. The woman is wearing a silver dress with a white scarf and a salmon colored shawl with her hair up, while the man is wearing a dark suit jacket, with a white shirt and silver tie. The woman’s hand is sensually placed on the small of the man’s back while he is leaning over toasting classes with the man from the other sled. The driver of the sled seems to be a chauffeur; he is wearing all black with a baggy coat, black gloves, and a black cowboy like hat with the brim pulled deep over his eyes. One white horse is pulling the sled.
The other sled has one man and two women in the back seat. The man is facing towards the background which makes it difficult to tell what he is wearing, but it appears to be a beige colored jacket and a maroon scarf. The women are both dressed differently in this sled. One seems to be dressed more formal with a black ruffled jacket on with her hair back, while the other seems to be dressed much more casual by wearing a plaid men’s suit jacket with a white shirt underneath it and wearing a cowboy hat with her hair down. The driver of the sled is dressed in black and is facing the background. The sled is being pulled by two white horses.
Every person in the add is white, making the ad stereotypical of whites. It gives the idea that only white people can act with upmost class and that they should drink Chivas Regal. The scene almost states that if you drink this brand of liquor, then you will live a classy life in the mountains. This is not true at all and nor does it make much sense.

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