Dove Body Wash

January 17, 2011
By Anonymous

In this advertisement, Dove is attempting to sell beauty body wash. It shows the head and shoulders of a girl assumed to be in a shower, smiling and happy. Under the picture you see the words “no girl should need a guy to get that tingly-all-over feeling”. At the very bottom of the advertisement, in smaller font it says “new Dove go fresh body wash and beauty bar in energizing grapefruit & lemongrass. go fresh” and the picture of the body wash and a grapefruit are to the right. This particular Dove ad appeals to younger women, as the woman in the ad is no older than 25, and to white, heterosexual women. Although looking at the entire spread of their ads they don’t use any more models giving the idea that it’s advertised towards white young women only, but women none the less. There is only one male product in the entire line. By appealing to women it follows the stereotype that women care more about their hygiene than men. Men don’t mind if they aren’t clean, but women must.

The shower would usually be used to symbolize the washing away of impurities like odor and dirt, but in the context of tingly-all-over feeling it implies a sexual innuendo. Ironically a product that makes you clean by removing dirt also makes you feel dirty. The irony is supposed to make you laugh, but why buy a product that’s ad goes against what the company’s product is supposed to achieve? By not implementing a celebrity it makes you believe it’s common. Dove is a well known company and the more common it becomes the more ordinary people buy.

Even though, the concept of the advertisement is bad when you look at the model’s face she appears innocent. She has happiness in her wide squinted smile that makes one think of a young child. Because of her ecstatic smile you are happy when you see her, maybe even remember a happy childhood memory, but the memory is quickly ruined by the lack of price on the ad, although it gives you a website to follow, but still there is no price for any of the products. It only states the description and ingredients of each individual product in very small font.

It supports a healthy image of hygiene and showering regularly, and the model appears to be healthy, but it stops there. Seeing as how this is a body wash, it is probably the one exception to showing a woman’s nude body without exploiting her, but the ad only shows her shoulders and her face, which generally is washed with face cleanser. Although she is assumed to be naked there is almost no sexuality about herself in the picture, because of the lack of body parts seen.

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