Letter to Funagain Games

January 17, 2011
By Anonymous

Thank you so much for the game donation. We really enjoyed the game; it helped to expand our vocabulary and make us think. Bananagrams could be used for all students trying to improve brain capacity by exploring new words.

While we were playing one group member Kelli got a little obsessive over keeping the blocks in a perfect rectangle. As soon as we said, “go” Kelli’s mind got distracted with spelling words instead.
We enjoyed playing this game because it helped us expand our vocabulary. Once points were racked up, everyone kept getting excited if they were in first. Then the other players tried extra hard to use high scoring letters such, as A or O.

Donating games is important especially for underprivileged school’s budget. Many children enjoy learning through games, art and crafts, but are limited by the schools budget. Donating to these schools allows the students to learn in more ways than lectures. Donating more games will give more kids something to look forward to when they go to school.

Bananagrams could use a couple of improvements. As we played, it seemed as if everyone was playing their own game until points were tallied. This caused the game to be slow. You could make more versions in a competitive, learning and normal way. Another improvement would be to put the point amount on each letter. This would allow more than one person to tally up their scores instead of one at a time. This would save and allow the players to continue their game faster.

Overall, our whole group enjoyed this game. It widened our vocabulary yet it was enjoyable. Please keep donating to schools because we all appreciate your donation very much. Thank you again.

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