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January 17, 2011
By Joe Humpal SILVER, Hubertus, Wisconsin
Joe Humpal SILVER, Hubertus, Wisconsin
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People have built structures and monuments from the pyramids, to the miraculous buildings in Abu Dhabi. Architecture is a delicate balancing act between practicality and artistry; therefore, it takes years to master and accomplish each skill trait and detail. For these reasons, architects tend to be at the top of their game in their late middle age. So according to Witold Rybczynski’s article “The Oldest Profession”, architects don’t retire. Famous architects like Frank Lloyd Wright, Renzo Piano, Ieoh Ming Pei, attest to never retiring, as some of their most famous buildings were designed around their retirement.“So once you finally get really good at it, why stop?” as stated by Rybczynski.
Wright, one of the greatest architects, described why people in the Architectural profession love their job: “A great architect is not made by way of a brain nearly so much as he is made by way of a cultivated, enriched heart.” Instead of only using the skill and knowledge found in a book, architects do the following: interact, learn, discuss and meet with people to ensure happiness.

In order to become a licensed architect, it takes six years of college and the ability to pass three tests; it might even take longer to complete the requirements. So by the time someone becomes a licensed architect, they’re already in theirmid 20’s. Then, experience is needed to start designing and building works of art. But the main problem architects run into is who will allow a young inexperienced architect build a home,when another older architect could do the same job and ensure it will stand? It is easier to attract clients if you have a proven track record; thus, making it harder to retire when you’re a well-known architect. Like Rybczynski says,“From a client’s perspective, when building your costly home, it’s by far safer to know that an experienced architect is overseeing the process.”

When an architect becomes famous and makes a high paid income, why would they stop? Many architects wait to design a building that can make a mark. Buildings that make us gaze with amazement will be a metropolis of old architects’ work. It’s not hard for an architect to continue working and doing what they love. Building homes and products is a team effort. Architects design the building and oversee work to make sure it fits within the codes and laws. If the older architect is slowing down, the younger workers and engineers help fill the architects duties and keep the process running smoothly. The architect’s assistants and workers will propose different opinions and plans, but the architect uses their experience and practice to make a final decision.
Rybczynski explains that clients are the key to success. Unfortunately for young aspiring architects, today’s economy is in a recession and people don’t have enough money to afford a new home. The amount of land is also decreasing and therefore giving architects little to work with. But for the seasoned, well known and older architects, clients continue to knock on their doors with large projects and pay, which is hard to say no to. “After all, who knows for how long the knocking will continue?”

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