38 Million Reactions to Stupidity

January 17, 2011
By Joe Humpal SILVER, Hubertus, Wisconsin
Joe Humpal SILVER, Hubertus, Wisconsin
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As a response to the lax citizens that witnessed the murder of Catherine Genovese, I felt that the actions and responses of the 38 people are horrid and degrading to the human race. These types of murder are sporadic cases, but when a brother or sister is calling for a helping hand and a few seconds elapse and no one answers; that is wrong.
When on one called the police after they had seen Mrs. Genovese stabbed, I was amazed at how some citizens are so selfish and even made a quip about the stupidity of the citizens. When they interviewed all of the citizens that observed the murder, many of the responses sounded the same; I was too afraid or had better things to do. Just one call to the police would have obviated the outcome of death. But the people’s rash actions cost them a guilty conscience. If I were any of the neighbors that witnessed the murder, I would change my domicile. After someone finally reported the murder to the police, investigators were very meticulous about the reason no one called and were only able to use conjecture since no one had called prior to the murder. The investigators later told the lurid details of the murder to the press and the sickening comments of the 38 so-called citizens. I wonder if put in a situation similar to this, if any of the people would go about the murder a different way.

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