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January 17, 2011
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This state of Nevada advertisement shows a winter terrain with three showgirls skiing and the state believes that without them, Nevada wouldn’t think we’d believe it was Nevada. This ad was found in the National Geographic magazine, which is found in many educational facilities and read by travelers and/or outdoorsmen who love history and nature. Nevada wants people of any age that like to travel and see beautiful landscape and nature to come to Nevada to see more than Las Vegas. Then after, visit Las Vegas and spend a couple thousand dollars before you leave. The showgirls are wearing only lingerie and a piece of headwear. Above them is the quote “Without them we didn’t think you’d believe it was Nevada.” The sentence uses humor by adding the three showgirls skiing and the quote above them and tries to make you laugh and see for yourself if the winter picture in the ad is real; but is it real?
The ad uses stunning scenery of the lake in winter to promote the beauty of Nevada and give you that warm and fuzzy feeling.The ad tries to make you gaze at the picture and the scenery to try and imagine yourself being there. Then have the urge to go and explore the area.But the picture is possibly of another state. The winter terrain photo is from the Lake Tahoe Rim Trail that goes around Lake Tahoe. Lake Tahoe is located on the northern border between Nevada and California. The suspicious thing about this picture is if it was taken in the Nevada part of the trail. The majority of the Rim Trail around Lake Tahoe is in California. Only the information center is in Nevada. If this is the case, the ad would be a lie and the only thing the state of Nevadais trying to promote would be to go to Las Vegas. This would be the total opposite of what the ad is trying to accomplish. In a way it would offend people in that Nevada has to use other states scenery in order to get people to come and visit. Once people come and see that the ad was false, the only thing left to do is go to Las Vegas.The way they try and promote Las Vegas is by using the showgirls.
In order to attract the reader, the ad places these women in the center of the ad with bright colors and little clothing. They used three showgirls to attract people to not only come visit Lake Tahoe but also spend money in Las Vegas. After viewing the three girls, most people would get a visual image in their head of Las Vegas from past visits or from television, and would soon forget the picture in the background because all they would be thinking about would be Las Vegas. The hidden message in this ad is that Nevada will always be known for Las Vegas and nothing more. That majority of people will come to Nevada to see showgirls rather than false scenery. Overall, Nevada made the ad more to promote people to come to Las Vegas rather than what the ad is literally about; seeing what Nevada has more to offer for scenery. This shows all someone thinks of when they hear or see Nevada is sex, drugs, and gambling.
By using persuasive techniques such as humor, a warm & fuzzy feeling, and beautiful people, the state is convincing people to come visit Nevada. But if the viewers examine the ad more thorough, they will realize the hidden messages and possible lies of this advertisement.

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