January 17, 2011
By hillary colby SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
hillary colby SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
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Victoria's Secret
North American Office
P.O. Box 16589
Columbus, Ohio 43216-6589

Dear Victoria Secret,

When it comes to your bras, they are no doubt, my favorite. They are high quality and last a long time. But I’ve had two major problems with them lately. The lacing to rip and wire underneath the cup comes out.

After my first bra went so well, I decided to go to Mayfair to buy an even nicer one. I paid more and I thought it would last longer. It was a red lace secret embrace size 34C. I wanted to make sure nothing happened to this bra so I stopped putting it into the dryer and even started washing it by hand. I wanted to be as gentle with them as possible. The bra was doing well; it was perfect. Then randomly I saw that the lace was starting to rip and the wire was coming. I went back to the store and they told me it was old and that’s just what happens after time. But once it started to rip, the bra only lasted about another week or so. I was so disappointed that the bra was coming apart.

I was hoping you could either replace my bra or refund my money for the bra. You can contact me at ********** or at the address above. Thank you for hearing me out.


Hillary C.

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