You are what you eat

January 4, 2011
By melpim543 BRONZE, Malden, Massachusetts
melpim543 BRONZE, Malden, Massachusetts
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Technology has advanced so much that nowadays most people don’t go home and have a home cooked meal as a family. It’s much easier to simply go grab something quick after work than to go home have to slave over a stove after a long day’s work. Most people have hectic lives and don’t get a chance to go home which leads us to fast food. Don’t deny it you’ve even felt this way at some point or another. People don’t realize what’s in this food they are putting into their mouths and consider if its really worth the risk of just getting a simple toxic meal or going home having dinner with your family over a nice healthy meal. All in all the fast food industry has flourished and it is having an unhealthily effect on America because most people don’t consider what they are putting into their mouths.

Most people barely read the ingredients of what’s in these foods or realize the toxins they are putting in their mouth could be hazardous to their health. I bet you think Wendy’s is healthier than McDonalds. Well that, my friend, is indeed wrong. McDonalds had 20 chemical ingredients in their chicken nuggets compared to Wendy’s 30 chemical ingredients. Wendy’s Coffee Toffee Twisted Frosty contains a laxative chemical which is in a filler for electronic cigarettes. Imagine eating that? A filler for an electronic cigarette I bet that wouldn’t be too appetizing but its still the same thing your putting in your mouth.

A salami sandwich from subway is made out of cow’s and pig meat or any other scraps they can find at a slaughterhouse. Slaughterhouses use something called “advanced meat recovery” which is where nothing is wasted. Workers scrape of muscle and fat off the bone. It is processed with the waste product created from bacteria in meat. It helps to give salami its flavor and they add in a bunch of salt and spices. In fact, they use the same anti foaming agent for silly putty as they do for McDonalds’chicken nuggets It sounds very appetizing now that you know what’s in it huh?

Those are just some ingredients in fast food chains. There is so many toxic chemicals in foods that most people don’t know what’s in foods they are putting in their mouth. Obesity is very high in America right now due to so much consumption of fast food and its up to us to put an end to these fast food restaurants. Maybe by not eating at them for a while or writing letters telling them to change what’s in their food. Or by informing people of what’s in the products they are putting in their mouths.

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This is something I had to publish for my English class

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