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January 4, 2011
By britt0936 SILVER, Oconomowoc, Wisconsin
britt0936 SILVER, Oconomowoc, Wisconsin
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This ad from Juicy Couture is used to sell perfume. The ad shows four aristocratic people elegantly placed around an abnormally large bottle of perfume. The advertisement was found on the Glamour website, a magazine targeted from young to middle aged women. Females ages 18-35 are most likely drawn to this ad because it sells what we assume to be an expensive perfume that will make you be a young successful woman, just by buying the product.
The power of persuasion is used in nostalgia, flattery and beautiful people. By showing four wealthy and beautiful people lounging around, the viewer is under the impression that buying this perfume will make life easy. The four caucasian characters are dressed in ball gowns, and life seems to be extraordinarily simple—who wouldn’t want that? One woman is fixing her diamond earring in a large gold-plated mirror, while another perches herself on a bench next to the large bottle of perfume. These things like diamonds and gold just add to the aristocratic view of the scene. However, buying this perfume won’t make you wealthy. The third woman stands, with excellent posture, looking over her shoulder and giving off an air of superiority. Almost to say that you could “join her club” if only you bought that perfume. The fourth and final character in the scene is a man covered in intricate tattoos and delicately draped in a satin cloth. He is gazing at the bottle of perfume, as though it is the most wonderful thing he has ever seen. This in itself, and the scene as a whole can represent nostalgia. This makes people forget the bad parts of life and remember the good. By showing many expensive things, and using beautiful well-to-do models, Juicy Couture makes the viewer think that if they buy this perfume, life will be perfect; when in reality that won’t happen.
However, all of these characteristics are being given off for the wrong reasons. This advertisement is placing possessions at the top of the list in a woman’s life, and that way of thinking isn’t healthy, it’s flattery. Buying a perfume isn’t going to make you rich, elegant, or life any easier. Also, the ad doesn’t give enough information. It doesn’t tell how much of the product you get, for what price, where it’d sold or even what the product smells like. After all, the product is a perfume, and what you’re paying for is the smell. The only words on the advertisement at all are the brand name, Juicy Couture. This meaning that the company is selling its product on brand name alone, which is no reason to buy something. There is not a difference between generic brand perfume and brand name besides cost. Maybe Juicy Couture is trying to make you feel wealthy by making you pay more for their perfume, when in reality, you’re just promoting a message like the one portrayed in this ad.

In conclusion, this company tried to use many techniques to make viewers consider buying their product. They used beautiful models, which makes the potential buyer wish they could be like them, exaggeration, flattery and nostalgia. All of these techniques could be offensive to educated readers whom are able to pick apart ads like this one, and see the hidden flaws. If more viewers understood the persuasion techniques that companies like Juicy Couture are using on them. Then they wouldn’t fall for ads like this one, and wouldn’t give companies like juicy Couture their business.

The author's comments:
I found an ad in a magazine and described what techniques were used to trick the viewers of that ad, and further explained why it was bad and/or untruthful.

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