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January 4, 2011
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This ad was created by Calvin Klein to sell their cologne. The ad was used to target younger heterosexual men. They use a beautiful women and a man about to kiss in this ad. The girl is no older than twenty one, and has her hands wrapped around the man’s head pulling it towards her so they can kiss. The target ethnicity is white because the man and women in the ad is white. This cologne sells for around $60 retail depending on the store which is not displayed in the ad.

The words Eternity for men are writing in the bottom middle of the page with a picture of the bottle of cologne. It also has Calvin Klein, “the timeless fragrance for men.” In this ad there is a young man and a beautiful young woman about to kiss with the women’s hands is wrapped around the man’s head passionately. The background is blank in the places you can see it between the young man and women.

This ad would catch the attention of most men. Many men dream of being able to kiss a beautiful young women like the one in the ad. They use diversion in the ad, because if the words Eternity for men wasn’t at the bottom of the age you would have no idea what the ad was about. The main persuasive technique used is the big lie. If you wear this cologne you will be kissing a beautiful woman. It is not going to happen. If a woman smells this on you she is not going so instantly want to kiss you, therefore the big lie!

From this ad, you can only determine that if you put the cologne on, beautiful women will want to kiss you. The ad gives false hope and is an unrealistic happening. They do not give the price, only that it can be found at Macy’s department stores. If this ad was more truthful they would have had a person spraying themselves with cologne and having a confident look on their face because they know they smell good.

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