November 19, 2010
By Anonymous

NIKEid shoes are very good shoes. If you can never find shoes in the store that fit to your foot, or you don’t prefer the color, NIKEid is just right for you. You design your shoe in any way you like, style and performance.

NIKEid has all different types of shoes to choose from. Once you pick your shoe, you pick your colors. You can design your shoes with any colors that they have. This is extremely cool because it is unlikely that anybody else in the world has shoes like you. You will never buy shoes again that you don’t like because you customize everything on them!

Another extremely good thing that you can’t do in stores is customize the width of your shoes. Do you have an unusual narrow or wide foot? Well, you can make your shoes wide, narrow, or regular. This makes the shoe a perfect fit for your foot so it’s comfortable. This way, they won’t be too big or too small.

Lastly, the quality of NIKEid shoes is great! They hold up for a long time and they are worth the money that you pay for them. You may pay a little more than you would for shoes in the store, but you’re paying for the better quality. Also, you’re paying a little more for the colors that you customize.

Overall, NIKEid shoes are the best brand shoes because they are extremely well built, they have excellent quality, and good performance. Another reason you might prefer NIKEid is because you customize everything on them, from the colors to the size. You basically build your shoes from scratch and they’re made just for you. Now, who wouldn’t want that?

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