Technology Rewview to our young lives.

October 18, 2010
By erikampell SILVER, Willow Branch, Indiana
erikampell SILVER, Willow Branch, Indiana
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In the constitution it said that we have the right to freely speak how we feel, meaning it’s a free country do whatever you want that abides to the law. However, they had no idea two hundred years ago that computers, cell phones, and video games would be invented. Technology has become such an important part of every day lives for so many people today that they have finally decided that they are actually going to stop making dictionary’s because, they just aren't selling like they used to.

In the constitution it state’s in the first amendment that you do have the right to free speech and in the fourth amendment you have the protection against “unreasonable search and seizures” and laws against harassment apply online. However, how far can these laws really go? Issues from cyberbullying, violent video games, downloading, and online privacy have all became an issue in the past few years. The law can only protect so much, and that is the problem.

For example, cyberbullying, although bulling is as old as the school yard, you have it coming to you in a different way then what it used to. People are putting things over the internet that are vulgar and inapproprie, that is just not cool. The issue’s that keep arising are some that we are going to start having issues solving, because, we can only take a law(s) so far.

In the next ten years I see the problems becoming a lot more brutal. I am not sure if the government will make this a big enough problem. The video games are so vulgar and precise that it makes them so human-like and that is not safe for the young children, better known as are leaders of tomorrow. The constitution sets boundaries for us to follow, so that people still have the right to speak freely and make their own decisons.

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